Recent assignments directly carried out by Eric Resler include:

Regularly advising the EU headquarters of one of the world's leading Japanese manufacturers on a variety of legal issues.

Advising an international electronic marketplace specializing in auction or direct sales of industrial equipment on the legal framework of its activities and on the conversion to a commissionaire structure; adapting its general terms of auction and sale as well as its standard customer contracts to the specificities of a commissionaire structure.

Assisting a well-known luxury food producer in establishing a business presence in Japan and in protecting its secret industrial know-how and intellectual property in the EU, the USA and Japan.

Advising a US technology leader in the field of single-use bioprocess systems and consumables for the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical industries and redrafting their general terms of business and their standard commercial agency agreement.

Advising a worldwide distributor of linear and non-linear audiovisual content and drafting or redrafting its upstream and downstream commercial agreements.

Advising the joint venture company of European financial institutions and of a global commercial payments processor on the technology licensing and commercial agreements needed to develop, maintain and operate international payment services for the financial industry.

Assisting a real estate development company in various proceedings against contractors, owners and other parties.

Advising a major manufacturer of plastic products on the termination of distributors and commercial agents.

Representing a foreign ship sale and purchase company in connection with an international litigation involving abusive calls on standby letters of credit.

Advising a French group in the setting up of a Belgian subsidiary and adjusting its customer contracts and employment contracts to Belgian law.

Advising a Belgian company developing, manufacturing and commercializing worldwide high-tech products for the metal industry in drafting and negotiating an agency agreement for the sale of its products in Japan.

Advising a Belgian commercial agent active in various European countries in its dealings with its German principal.

Redrafting the contractual documentation of a major European industry machinery manufacturer with respect to the provision of goods, services and software.

Analyzing the commercial contracts of a leading digital cinema equipment manufacturer in Europe with US majors.

Advising a Belgian private equity fund in connection with the acquisition of a stake in a hydropower electricity production project (joint-venture).

Advising a French private equity fund in connection with the acquisition of a leading European group of companies and fashion brand.

Advising an English fund in connection with the planned acquisition of real estate in Belgium.